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Holding a Paintbrush

“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”

Leonardo da Vinci

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The Art of Art

Soul Work: Activating the Right Side of the Brain

Taylor Sheikhalmolooki

One on One Client Sessions 

For those seeking to live a life full of wonder, love, and gratitude. But are struggling to cope with life's daily challenges and need a little extra guidance. Clients gain insight and wisdom by examining their life thoroughly, thus, allowing solutions to rise to the surface.  They learn how to discover one's most inner spiritual layer by activating the right side of the mind, the creative side. Intuitive and thought-provoking exercises are tailored to each client's needs. Allowing one's life to catch the light of passion and set their soul and life aflame. 

 My job is to help you heal yourself, grow your consciousness, and reunite a positive connection in the mind, body, and soul while delivering words and methods to live by. 

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