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"What are thoughts? What are feelings, emotions, and intellect in the grand scheme of the universe? In the presence of awareness, balance, and freedom of opinion, one begins to ask where they stand and what they ought to fight for. For many years now, Taylor Sheikhalmolooki has been assiduously working towards understanding the inner interpretations of higher intelligence. In this way, she has slowly but very surely redefined art and all that it stands for."

"With it has come to the influence of her subtle shift in perspective—what life and love is amidst this bustling and, indeed, very vast world. Raised in the Midwest, not far from the lowest poverty ring in society, Ms. Taylor has come to know and understand suffering and trials intimately. In this environment, the epiphany came to her: intelligence is not a person’s status by fate, whether it be good or bad. Rather, intelligence is the honest growth and development of one’s mind..."

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"Influenced by the Ancient Greeks and Socrates, in particular, Taylor Sheikhalmolooki is always on the journey of finding her life’s purpose and getting in touch with the different facets of her identity. She pushes forward the idea that knowing oneself will bring a person closer to the universe, and such a connection is the bridge that will lead them to a life full of happiness, love, and peace..." 

"As one of today’s must-watch artists, Taylor Sheikhalmolooki possesses an impressive portfolio, a collection that began when her artistic journey started back in 2000. In the years since then, she has been credited for numerous creations, and her desire to create art has not diminished. Instead, it has transformed into an unyielding obligation imposed on herself to explore the inner workings of her consciousness and showcase what she finds on a canvas..." 

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"For Taylor Sheikhalmolooki, the art of creating is sacred, and this belief lies as one of the reasons behind the quality of her works. Because she puts a premium on the process itself, it is guaranteed that every move involved while creating her brainchild is well thought out. Moreover, she manages to produce outstanding projects thanks to delving into the heart of her existence."

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